CHAOS MOON – Resurrection Extract


For many fans, it has been a while since Chaos Moon had put out a full length. Since 2007’s Languor into Echoes, Beyond and Origin of Apparition, the news of Chaos Moon being laid to rest and then a rebirth in 2013, many have been awaiting this upcoming album aptly named Resurrection Extract. Alex Poole (also known as Esoterica) has come back with a dark, enchanting and almost otherworldly release to show us all he has not lost a step since 2007.

Compared to previous albums, Resurrection Extract stands out from the very first track as if a dark and omnipresent cloud is enshrouded in melody, atmosphere and ambience. The release is flowing with melodic passages that weave between atmospheric tones and compositions while keeping the roots of black metal as it’s solid basis. Tracks like “Bloodfall” and “Dreams Scattered Over An Infinite Mirror” descend into a psychedelic mist that leads into a progressive and trance-like black metal with shrieking vocals that scream out from the dark void.

Within listening to this album, you will feel several emotions, hear different subtleties you didn’t hear the first time and just feel entranced with every song. There is no flaw in this release. This is what real atmospheric black metal should sound like. There is not a single repetition of phrases or a mundane sound. Each track is like another plunge into the void. Chaos Moon has made his return and is now ready to teach a new lesson in transcendental, atmospheric black metal.




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