IRON REAGAN Bassist Rob Skotis Fired After Allegations Resurface

Rob Skotis, bassist for crossover thrash outfit Iron Reagan, has been fired from the band after allegations of predatory behavior, including assault and rape, resurfaced. The allegations were first brought forth after Skotis and his business partners at the Cobra Cabana restaurant in Richmond announced they were opening a new restaurant. His business partners have severed ties with him, and the band followed shortly after.

Iron Reagan’s full statement reads as follows:

“Effectively immediately Robert Skotis is no longer an active member of Iron Reagan. We apologize for our delayed response to the allegations against him and hope we haven’t caused any further harm by not responding until now. We do not condone predatory behavior and would not knowingly associate ourselves with someone we felt was a threat or a danger to anyone.

We encourage Rob to make a public statement to clarify this situation to us and the rest of the world.”


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