Ex-IRON REAGAN Bassist Rob Skotis Responds About Allegations

Amidst the allegations that have come forward about now fired bassist Rob Skotis of Iron Reagan, he has taken to Facebook to speak about the situation which could be read below. If you missed the news about the allegations, you can read our previous post HERE.

“Dearest friends,
As some of you know, I have recently been blindsided by a baseless attack from an anonymous twitter account. This is a nameless and faceless account, whose sole purpose is to smear local RVA business owners.
Unfortunately, this slanderous accusation has created enough noise to cause me to be alienated from my beloved restaurant, and compelled me to at least temporarily step back from my role in Iron Reagan.
This entire episode has been unspeakably painful and confusing. The one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that no part of this allegation is true.
I strongly encourage everybody to consider the source of these fabrications and ask that you do not rush to judgement. Thank you friends and family, for continuing to support me through this difficult time.

Love Rob”


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