THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER To Release New Album In April

According to a new interview with frontman Trevor Strnad, the new The Black Dahlia Murder album is due out in April. Strnad sat down with Pure Grain Audio to confirm the new album window, as well as a new single release happening in early February. In the interview, Strnad also explains that the reason for the long break between albums (three years, instead of the usual two) is that the band kept getting invited to do new tours, and could extend the life cycle for “Nightbringers”.

Both of the segments where he discusses the topics discussed above are transcribed below via Metal Injection:

“The album comes out in April and the first taste of it will be at the beginning of next month, the first song and the artwork and the big reveal of the name, and all that. Pretty excited about that; it’s been a long time coming now. I recorded vocals for the album in May. So, it will be like a year almost until it finally comes out. It’s been a long time to think about it, let me tell you.”

“It has usually been two and then a record. But it seems like there is just more demand for the band lately and we were able to tour another year on Nightbringers. Which was cool. I think that people were a little superstitious that we are not putting an album out on the odd year, and now it’s coming out this year… But we will take that risk. I don’t know if we are cursed now or what. The album… people were so excited for it, so we were able to keep going on tour. As long as demand was there, we had to meet it.”


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