GAMMA SECTOR Guitarist Jarrod Foushee Steps Down

Jarrod Foushee, guitarist for the deathcore project Gamma Sector, has announced his departure from the band. The announcement was made in a statement by Foushee on the Gamma Sector Facebook page which can be read below:

“Hey friends, Jarrod here with another hard message for y’all. I have also decided to step down from Gamma Sector. Everyone who’s ever tried to make their passion into a career knows that it isn’t easy, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make it work, it just doesn’t. I love all of these boys like brothers and I wouldn’t take back a second of the time I’ve gotten to spend with them. I wish nothing less than the world for them, and fully believe that if they play their cards right they can earn that.
It was an honor, a privilege and a thrill to play songs for you all. Never stop sharing music with each other.



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