It’s very rare in this day and age to enjoy a particular female artist, but I’ve came to a realization that Lindsay Schoolcraft‘s Martyr won me over as the best solo album of 2019. Those who don’t know Lindsay, she was a member from United Kingdom’s extreme metal band Cradle Of Filth from 2013 to 2020 being with the band for over seven years and given that retrospect, she became a global phenomenon when she debuted her musical talent on 2015’s Hammer Of The Witches which became one of the absolute best releases of that year and really showcased her vocal deliveries, narration to the lyrics and not to mention she gave a lot of contributions giving her musical talent and compositions a fresh sound to the band.

Now, her solo project known as Lindsay Schoolcraft which is under the same stage name she went during her time with Cradle Of Filth released her latest album titled Martyr. Musically, if you enjoy various genres of music ranging from gothic, black metal, rock, symphonic, classical and orchestral vibes that introduces beautiful strings, piano, children choirs, Gregorian chantings Lindsay’s mastering of harps and epic proportions of soothing, melancholic, and almost blasphemous style of music really brings out such dynamics, flair, and charm to bring out multiple moods for any listener to witness the beauty and emotion upon hearing this album.

Lindsay Schoolcraft mostly does everything on this album from writing music, lyrics and brought one of her musical friends known as Rocky Gray best known his work as the ex member of Arkansas’ alternative band Evanescence, she helped assembled to perform the greatest, finest, and categorized albums I’ve heard in a very longtime. Songs here are not only intensifying, progressive and wonderfully composed to absolute perfection but when you hear songs such as Stranger, Dangerous Games, Where I Fall, Lullaby and perhaps one of the strongest tracks on her entire solo album being Blood From A Stone every single track represents different elements of structures including steady drums, gothic rock inspired guitar melodies, catchy hooks, powerful and moving vocals and including a experience extremely haunting, the instrumentals providing a much more surreal, connective and matured style sounds of various pieces of music has everything to offer for fans of various genres.

The album also does one hell of a job creating an intense and exciting musical journey which the record discusses many themes upon subject matter including love, heartbreak, combing back as a different person and Lindsay’s ability to portray herself as a wonderful individual brings the finest tale to give you a story to never forget. Fans of Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation and Delain that have rage, moody atmospherics, adventurous vocal patterns and having to spent Lindsay Schoolcraft’s life building this album means how much she has made this into a living reality and Martyr is one of the most creative and artistic solo album’s I’ve ever heard in my life.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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