ARTIFICIAL BRAIN – Infrared Horizon

Long Island’s tech-death heavyweights Artificial Brain come full force with Infrared Horizon. This album has everything the listener could want from epic guitar work, inhuman drum speeds and pure technicality. Infrared Horizon goes straight for the throat with sheer ferocity while maintaining beauty in the artistic aspect of the high level of virtuosity by the band. The whole album seems to be a peak with no low moments of boredom or redundancy showcasing each member’s talent.

Guitarist Dan Gargiulo shows his balanced skill of riffs that keep the scales leveled between heaviness and complexity, and his style of playing invites trance-like listening over senseless moshing. Keith Abrami’s drums pound through the music at almost robotic speeds, but are still given room to breathe. On the title track, Jon Locastro offers one of the best guitar solos. As for vocalist Will Smith, he brings almost inhuman sounding vocals to the forefront to keep the album’s heavy factor.

Infrared Horizon tells of a cyborg race and their ever increasing self-awareness that results in the cataclysmic realization that they are objectively superior to any natural organisms (such as the human population). Overall, this album is definitely great for anyone who wants a more technical version of brutal death metal that rides the wave that Psycroptic and Obscura began. Definitely a recommended album to any metal fan who wants to question the universe while headbanging heavily!

Overall score: 9.0/10



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