…AND OCEANS – Cosmic World Mother

For over 25 years in existence, Finland’s extreme metal legends …And Oceans have returned to unleash their first full-length in 18 years and are back once again with Season Of Mist to create a wonderfully made record with Cosmic World Mother. Originally started playing symphonic black metal, they’ve now shifted multiple variations of extreme metal including death, black, grindcore, electronic, and industrial metal but also maintaining that traditional sound will certainly please fans with this release.

From their well crafted signatures, solid instrumental work, great lyrical themes, and a magnificent display of beautifully arranged melodies, you also have multiple selections in different languages from the lyrics which contains English, French and Norwegian. Now if you’re a fan who loves keyboard- dominated atmospheres for it’s luxurious atmospheric passages, you might be in for a ride of a lifetime because each track combines that dark, melancholic, mid-paced, and almost Finntroll inspired pieces of music where it’s almost something that features a mystical, video game infused soundtrack where I truly feel keeps the dynamics steady and afloat.

Songs as aforementioned brings plentiful to offer in the atmosphere, rhythm and tempo departments to help keep the album in a dreamlike universe where the usage of vocals, guitars, keyboards and instruments keep it energetic while also micromanages that adventurous and passionate attitude these Finnish crafters have known to be doing throughout their career. Just the hearing the moments when songs such as Helminthiasis,The Dissolution of Mind and Matter, The Flickering Lights and In Abhorrence upon Meadows not only brings emphasis on disturbing melodies, but you also have spacey and aural romance that will keep the album’s mood to make yourself lost in a trance can often times be a good thing if that’s what you’re seeking for.

Cosmic World Mother is a album that not only took my breath away hearing such beautiful pieces of music but fans of Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Shade Empire and Samael will rightfully find something at home and it shows this band is back, and are doing what they do best for extreme music.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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