ADARRAK – Ex Oriente Lux

Based out of Singapore, Adarrak are a new band I’ve recently discovered after checking out one of the teaser trailers for their song Bereft featuring the legendary musician Marty Friedman whom everyone knows during his time with Megadeth, this album here is some top notch quality that is a paradise for any fans of death metal. Whether you love the progressive death metal undertones, technical death metal signatures, groove metal laden and hooks, and some thrash metal to a extent, Adarrak’s style is written all over the place having a branch of multiple genres combining into one gigantic release is really worth noting for a three piece band doing handy work is extremely impressive I’ll say. Ex Oriente Lux is released through Sathanas Records and is the official debut full-length by Adarrak which in this case, I’m already extremely impressed by how artistic, creative and visionary these musicians have created extreme metal to broadened their influences of different hybrids of metal is really worth noting that this album is full of wonders, captivation and originality which many artists need to work on more throughout as many generations are coming by.

I will say on certain songs such as Through The Fabric Of Time and Into The Abyss for example really shows the band incorporating some Gothenburg melodic death metal formulas giving it a Amon Amarth or Dark Tranquillity style sound where the tracks are able to connect with one another as the vocals and instrumentations provided sound fiercer, sharper and tighter than ever before. And I will say that the album’s production, mix and mastering by the legendary Dan Swanö himself really shows how much his dedication and efforts to make the album experimented and polished is such a highlight upon listening to the album front to back has gotten better both musically, lyrically and sonically. But in my humblest opinion, Ex Oriente Lux is one of the most abstracted, progressive, technical, melodic and professionally written metal albums I’ve heard in recent memory.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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