HANGING GARDEN To Release New EP In June

Hanging Garden are pleased to announce the release of Against the Dying Of The Light EP, due out in June. There will be a very limited amount of CDs available (pre-orders only on Bandcamp). First single, “At Close Of Day (Into That Good Night)”, will be out on May 8th.

Full statement from the band:

Against The Dying Of The Light is a peculiar release, consisting of a new song, alongside completely different approach on a handful of songs from Into That Good Night. The songs could be called rearrangements, remixes or revisitations, but venture a bit further from their origins. Dark, delicate and violent moods are portrayed in the tracks, painting a picture at the same time familiar, but also a bit different from what one could expect from Hanging Garden.

“The concept revolves around the EP title, playing on the idea of light and it’s dawning absence – both in literal and metaphorical sense. The album art is based on old litographies from centuries past, and the font is a replica from a 17th century press print, taking the thought of societies’ impending collapse further: what if there is no more electricity or means of modern technology? What if we need to rebuild from scratch? How does natural light play part on our lives in such a world? What brings hope, and what plunges us into despair?

“Furthermore, Against The Dying Of The Light is a rhyme pair from the Dylan Thomas poem’s title “Into That Good Night” which brought inspiration to it’s namesake album’s thematics.”


01. At Close of Day (Into That Good Night)
02. Perdition Melody (Rain)
03. Welkin Aflame
04. Shadow Composite (Anamnesis)
05. Chance Encounters (Navigator)
06. A Song for Those Belated (Rain)


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