WOMBBATH Sign With Transcending Obscurity Records

Swedish old school death metal masters Wombbath have signed a worldwide deal with Transcending Obscurity Records. The band is celebrating their 30th year of formation with an EP, containing a selection of re-recorded songs from their early years, with a full length to follow later.

The band’s statement:

“We already knew that Kunal and Transcending Obscurity work really hard for their bands, and it felt like the natural fit for us. We are a hardworking band, and we needed a label that would see that and build on our passion for death metal.”

Label owner Kunal Choksi states:

“I know this band since their Internal Caustic Torment days and they’ve come a long way. Having already worked with Jonny Pettersson for several of his bands such as Henry Kane, Heads For The Dead, Nattravnen and Ursinne was a real pleasure, and to work with Wombbath was a dream come true and it was something that I have been wishing for. I’m sure we will do great things together and make sure the band is well taken care of. Thanks to the guys for their trust in me!”



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