WHOREDOM RIFE Begin Recording New Album

Black metal duo Whoredom Rife have confirmed that they are recording new material for the next full length release, the follow-up to 2018’s Nid: Hymner Av Hat. The band recently put out a split EP together with their fellow countrymen Taake.

Statement from the band:

“Where God guides, He provides. No matter how things look, God is still in control. Stay in peace and be hopeful. Your blessing is coming soon. While god is controlling pedophiles, hunger, infant deaths, rape, global destruction, war, cancer, aids, animal torture, human trafficking and racism to show us all how good he is, we on the other hand are keeping busy recording new material for you all to die to. With too many songs on the table, we decided to put out an EP while you await the upcoming album. It will contain a cover song and a song quite different from what we usually do, yet still 100% Whoredom Rife, might we add. Not to worry, we will never disgrace our art with blue corpse paint, latex skirts or whatever else outrageous nonsense so many others has done over the years. Just you wait and see…”


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