WARFECT Sign To Napalm Records & Announce New Album

Swedish thrashers Warfect and Napalm Records have signed a new record deal. Four years have passed since the trio, based near Gothenburg, released their last record Scavengers. Now they announce that they are planning to put out a brand new album later this year. More info coming soon.

Warfect comments:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be joining the artillery of Napalm Records and Napalm Events and are looking forward to letting our thrash force spread through-out the world! Now we have a foundation to build our thrash machine upon and together with our friends at Napalm Records we will soon bring you our next piece of violence.

“The thrash metal future is looking bright and we’re really looking forward to exploring this brave new world and all the possibilities with it. Next up is shooting the first music video for the new album and hopefully the album will hit the market later this year. Booking-wise we’re looking ahead into 2021 and we’re sure we’ll hit a stage near you as soon as possible. Stay forsaken and keep a lookout for further news!”

Napalm Records A&R Sebastian Muench states:

“The first contact with the Swedes Warfect was a classical A&R moment. A new to me, thrash metal band, sent us their new recording along with a brilliant album artwork. It was all it took to convince the entire Napalm Team, that here, a new Thrash Metal masterpiece was born! The band symbolizes everything that makes bands such as Kreator, Sodom or Legion Of The Damned legendary! If you need proof, have a listen to the 2016 album release Scavengers and expect even more for the new recording. Warfect, welcome to the Napalm family!”



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