AHTME – Mephitic

Formed in 2015 from Kansas City, Missouri, Ahtme are a technical death metal band to unleash carnage and blisteringly heavy signatures of extreme music with 2020’s Unique Leader Records sophomore release of Mephitic. From their dropping guitar playing, sickening brutality, and an unrelentingly ferocious and horrifying atmosphere that demonstrates the groups pummeling vision and song writing maturity, this is one hell of an impressive record start to finish.

There’s definitely technical flourishes to the band’s repertoire and what not but from the album’s lyricism standpoint, this is where the album truly starts to shine. This is like if you took Cannibal Corpse meets Hate Eternal but switching up unrelenting death metal passages then rest assure this is the album you should give multiple listens to understand what the band truly is going for their direction. Fans of Archspire, Aborted and Abnormality will enjoy this wretching experience if you’re into technical death metal. Mephitic has serious potential to be a landmark for extreme metal years down the road.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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