Visions Of Disfigurement are a English brutal death metal band formed in 2013. Released through RealityFade Records, Aeons Of Misery is the sophomore full-length released in 2020 by Visions Of Disfigurement. Now, if you love slam that’s punchy, groovy, almost technical in a way then I truly feel this release will make you fit right in your eardrums. This album is heavy, punchy and showcasing the band’s most crafted and ambitious releases they’ve created to date. From the balanced instrumentals, filthy brutal sound and arguably one of the most cleaned productions to the band’s catalog, this release has got it all.

From it’s translucent vocals, incredible lyrics and relenting mid-priced typical death metal speeds, it’s definitely heavier as tracks range a ensuring, unique and prominent interspersed significant improvements prior to their debut. They’ve not only taken artistic intelligence that showcases progression and decorated structures that’s not insanely technical but does have some incredible moments both calmly, aggressively and successively craves the listener’s mindset to have knowledge and paralleled into the later era of Slam preferably bands such as Analepsy, Visceral Disgorge, Disentomb, Maggot Colony, Facelift Deformation and others to make the album sound creative and talented. This album takes its toll to use brutal death metal structures and the atmosphere passages that penetrates the album’s presentation is undeniably fresh and absolutely natural.

From the glorious song variations, engaging atmosphere and instrumentals viciously aggressive, this album does a incredible job rotating signatures to such great heights. With how amazing these British musicians ultimately created massive destructive sequences that contributed a positive outcome to move progression elements and a stylistic barrier of intricate compositions have never sounded fiercer. Aeons Of Misery is the magnificent passage continuing to give variety and attractiveness for many factors while it doesn’t necessarily stray away within the album’s lyricism and offered more complexion and stylistic formulas making this release a much more compressed record. If you’ve enjoyed Abhorrent Extinction, Aeons Of Misery will promise to bring newcomers and old fans of the debut to find something comforting for them listening to.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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