EMBODIMENT – Palingenesis

When you think of United Kingdom you think of the essential bands coming out of that country ranging anywhere from The Who, The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and course the legendary Black Sabbath to hard and heavy hitters in the extreme metal world from Bolt Thrower, Dyscarnate, Grave Miasma, Unfathomable Ruination and Benediction. Today, we have Embodiment who play a modern, contemporary, technical, and unique hybrid of technical death metal with some deathcore compositions and traditional death metal signatures. Palingenesis not only is self released directly from the band, but moments when you hear the blistering opener to Reverence Through Disgust and to the overly monstrous, brutal and progressive tone of Harvesting The Seeds Of Vengeance you can easily tell every part of the instruments, production, and craftsmanship displayed is wonderfully executed and some of the tempos, melodies and arrangements within the explosive, distinctive and flavoring songs on this album is very captivating and not to say, impressive at finest.

One thing I’ve also noticed on hearing this record is it has some melodic death metal influences due to the guitars, vocals and drum patterns are all mixed perfectly together without any sort of repetitiveness or lack that sense of touch listening to the overall dynamics and passages this record offers is pretty fantastic so to speak. This album also has depth, variety, and chaotic effectiveness where this band are far more capable to compliment every piece of music has this brutal death element in the veins of Pathology, with vocals bringing a Cattle Decapitation vibe and the technical death metal prologue brings suspense and satisfaction keeps me on the edge of my own seat. Palingenesis brings out the best technical, brutal, and finishing touches in extreme music and the underground as a whole.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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