ÆTHER REALM- Redneck Vikings From Hell

There’s been a lot of hype and anticipation floating around with Æther Realm and as someone who’s new to this band, I can safely say everyone was absolutely correct, this band takes American melodic death metal signatures mixed with folk influences and have outdone themselves to create one of the most original pieces of music in both genres I’ve heard in quite sometime. To describe their sound is pretty self explanatory. Take Wintersun, Ensiferum, Children Of Bodom, Amon Amarth and Kalmah with a unique twist of modernized melodic death metal, mixed with folk and even some black metal tendencies and this is what Æther Realm is all about. Released through Napalm Records this is the third chapter in the band’s embodiment of work and truth be told, this is miles better than 2017’s Tarot simply because this record heavily relies on maturity, intelligence and finding their sound to become something much greater than they’ve ever sounded before.

This album demonstrates the Gothenburg melodic death metal stylistic arrangements, mixed with Finnish and Canadian folk metal mixed with some traditional power and heavy metal soundscapes that makes you strap on a journey through the toughest, and mightiest battles where your fantasies can all come true. Clocking in approximately 53 minutes in length and 11 tracks of luxurious melodies, outstanding chemistry, phenomenal structures, and killer progressive and dynamic layers where instrumentals fill the void and doesn’t lose its sense of melody and sound, this record has catchy leads, hooks, remarkable guitars, great bass, decent blast beats, and vocals provide a rather aggressive, emotional, and soothing style where each of the tracks gives out a character to represent it’s true essence and meaning to bring out best of both worlds.

From the moments you hear songs like Slave To The Riff, Guardian, Cycle and the closure instrumental track of Craft And The Creator to even Lean Into The Wind brings out a prominent, distinguishing, and expansive sound to the band because of how much maturity and evolution they’ve brought to the game sets shot themselves to the highest peak of the mountain and achieved the greatest material they’ve done to date. Redneck Vikings from Hell takes the most claustrophobic effectiveness while retaining a more sporadic approach specifically on the rebellious riffs, isolated drum performances, cavernous bass work and maddening vocal work adds more flair and contrast to the album’s beautiful presentation. This is a album portraying different lyrical content themes that surrounds a scenery to capture the beautiful essences for both melodic death and folk metal to combine two genres into one cinematic and engaging listening experience.
Æther Realm’s Redneck Vikings From Hell is a fresh intake for extreme music and deserves your time to hear amazing sculptures of art.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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