THROANE Announce EP Release In October

French black metal project Throane, operated by Dehn Sora, announced the release of a brand new EP effort, dubbed Une Balle Dans Le Pied. Set to land in stores on October 16th through Debemur Morti Productions on CD & Vinyl in a slikscreened case by Le 7ème Oeil.

This latest work finds Throane engaged in a particularly violent form of void surgery, as the diseased tissue of nightmarish black metal, wall-of-sound doom, industrial, noise and dark ambient is ripped, reformed and reanimated into a lightless chimera of savage beauty.

In Sora’s own words:

“Throane is a project based on instinct. Une Balle Dans Le Pied translates as ‘A Bullet In The Foot’, a French expression symbolizing the act of sabotaging oneself. Two tracks, forming one, exploring the language of rhythm and forming a bridge for future full-lengths. As with each release, this composition is the fruit of a short time, an accumulation leading to the need for explosion.”

Cover artwork depicts Sora’s sister, in echo of previous releases featuring close individuals and the personally symbolic: “Working as a nurse in different services, her daily routine makes her face death, addicted personalities, terminally ill people. Walking through their homes, their souls. Walking on broken glass. But forced to get rid of it, at the end of every day. To stand still. And keep walking.”



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