WARP CHAMBER – Implements Of Excruciation

In 2019, Profound Lore Records have released incredible albums that are untouchable, and undeniably incredible. Fast forward to the new decade, we have another top notch death metal album in the making and this time around, it’s by a band I’ve never heard of before and that is Warp Chamber. The band has been around since 2016 but they’re residing in the Pacific Northwest since there is no confirmed location in regards to where they’re living currently. Implements Of Excruciation is taking elements of Starspawn era from Blood Incantation, to early Timeghoul and Finland’s Adramelech but with a science fictionalized style of death metal and honestly, it absolutely works.

This is a album that features unique compositions, technical abilities and a massive momentum shifts that showcases maturity at its finest. This record demonstrates naturalistic song variations, polished production, matured songwriting and a continuation that’s undeniably straightforward where each member of this band really shows their devotion to keep the genre extremely creative. Moments when you hear tracks such as Harvesting the Life Force of a Crumbling Orb and the opener being Abdication of the Mind, these musicians have accompanied to construct and create massive amounts of mentality which musically, atmospherically, and lyrically speaking this is surely worth the listening experience. From the experimented programming, progressive guitar leads, astonishingly beautiful drumming arrangements and department so masterfully mixed, Implements of Excruciation does a remarkable job keeping the drumming arrangements, mix and master being clean and crystal sharp and have showed many ways to prove the music scene that extreme metal is alive and stronger than it ever has been. Implements of Excruciation a album shows the next evolution onto new branches and heights.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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