DARK MATTER SECRET – Perfect World Creation

Russian extreme metal band Dark Matter Secret are a upcoming artist who combines progressive, technical death and instrumental elements to bring out absolute perfection and to say this is their debut full-length through The Artisan Era this is simply put, magnificently artistic. To say a band who concentrates on organic musicianship and amazingly crafted extremities, these Russian individuals are already making a huge name for the community and Perfect World Creation continues to expand many horizontal levels from the technical death metal and progressive genres. From the insidious fury of sharp guitar melodies, beautiful bass playing and drumming incredibly solid it takes many patience to make Instrumental either wonderful, masterful or symbolic or sometimes overly repetitive. But Perfect World Creation is more than a album showcasing the band’s intelligence and organically driven of the instrumentation has its own rightful place to fit in naturally and fluently.

That being said, this band was picked up through The Artisan Era alongside many killer bands including Inanimate Existence, Virulent Depravity, Enfold Darkness and Inferi. Nothing but well executed composition work from tracks such as Ancient Gods Genesis, Organic Nucleation and title track all represent natural counterparts within the album’s impressive and decorative song variations is nothing but incredible. There are moments where I hear the album has some progressive undertones preferably Canadian’s First Fragment as the bass work features fretless signatures and mid-paced structures keeping the tracks a wonderful ride of a experience. Overall Dark Matter Secret’s Perfect World Creation is a album you necessarily have to listen beginning to end for your full-on attention because this paints a organic sculpture for the technical/progressive death metal scene featuring no vocal deliveries is something fans will be intrigued by.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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