ABYSSUS Sign To Transcending Obscurity Records

Abyssus, a death metal squad from Greece, have signed a multiple album deal with Transcending Obscurity Records. The latter will put out the band’s second studio record, titled Death Revival, sometime in 2021. A brand new song and first taste of the new music will be part of the upcoming 2021 label sampler that will be unleashed in January.

Statement from Abyssus:

“We are more than proud to cooperate once more with Kunal and Transcending Obscurity Records. Actually our compilation Once Entombed… was the first release ever for Transcending Obscurity Classics when an honest friendship and a great relationship full of respect was born. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make a deal with Kunal when he asked Abyssus to enter the family of Transcending Obscurity, a label with great bands under its shield. Our second album, Death Revival, is ready and we are really proud of the final result. Old classic thrashing death metal is delivered in the veins of Death, Obituary, Possessed, Master and all those legendary bands that born in the late 80s and established the death metal sound in the 90s. Death Revival is made from fans for fans with passion, love and tons of work and comes along with an artwork made by the one and only Andreas Marshall (Blind Guardian, Obituary, Running Wild, Destruction and many more).”



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