SOOTHSAYER Set To Release Debut Full Length

Irish atmospheric doom/sludge band Soothsayer have come up with a majestic album that takes the best elements of doom and sludge metal and creates something truly impactful and moving. There’s a kind of intensity in their generally soothing music that’s rare in the style, echoing the sentiment of mother nature finally lashing back at us all after being subjected to the ill-treatment doled out by the humans for years and years. The official video can be streamed on both Bandcamp and YouTube, with another one poised to come out soon too.

Echoes of the Earth” will be out April 21st through Transcending Obscurity Records.

1. Fringe
2. Outer Fringe
3. War of the Doves
4. Cities of Smoke
5. Six of Nothing
6. True North



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