TODTGELICHTER Premiere Acoustic Version Of ‘Neon’ Single

Originally released on the Angst album in 2010, Germans Todtgelichter now present the newly created acoustic version of the song “Neon”.

The band shared the following words:

“Hey folks, a little sign of life from the Todtgelichter camp. While we could lie and say we used the Covid situation to cook up something new, the truth is that we haven’t played music together since the gigs last year (and even that was only a break from doing nothing) so we’re back on ice for now.

“This one was planned for a vinyl edition of Rooms that never saw the light of day due to several reasons. Recorded with the help of our friend Siegmar of Dying Lizard Tonstudio. Anyway – we have finally decided to just release the song digitally for your listening pleasures with through our old label Aural Music / Code666, the one that originally released the Angst album in 2010, where this kind of belongs anyway.

“Special thanks to Martin/ Strydegor for acoustic and mandolin solo and Floris for rearranging this special acoustic version. Listen, share, enjoy – and stay healthy and safe, friends.”



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