VULGARITHM Release New Single ‘Out My Way’

Andy “Dirt” McGurk aka Vulgarithm has become known for taking the best metal riffs of the early 2000s, mixing it up with 90s dance music, and adding a unique touch of crushing beats. A very different take on what would be considered “metal” but something fresh for many. Today, he has returned again with his newest single titled ‘Out My Way’ which is the first single from the upcoming EP “Share In The Third Degree” and has this to say about the single:

“In a world where nothing really makes sense, we can feel frustrated and angry at pretty much everyone, and we can lose focus on what is important. ‘Out My Way’ does precisely that, it is a song that vents at everything and everyone whether they deserve it or not. From full on rage to complete apathy, this song will speak to anyone who either doesn’t care anymore or cares too much.”



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