DORDEDUH Debut First Song From Upcoming New Album

Atmospheric black/folk metal creators from Romania, Dordeduh, are back with new album announcement. The successor to Dar De Duh debut is going to be named Har (‘Gifted’) and will be released by Prophecy Productions on May 14th, 2021. This will be the first new music in long 9 years. Mixing and mastering was handled by the well-known producer Jens Bogren. Along all unveiled details, you can also give a listen to the first in advance song – “Desferecat”.

The band’s multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Edmond ‘Hupogrammos’ Karban on the song:

“A straightforward translation for “Desferecat” would be “unchained”. The whole idea behind the song is related to the deepest process of transformation, that touches and changes the human core. The process starts with self reflection and self acknowledgement, with the purest humbleness one can attain. It continues with a jump into our own abyss, uncovering and discovering all the trauma and fears, touching the deepest darkness hidden into our essence, only to rise again above it all, embracing and integrating it into a newer and elevated version of ourselves. What people can see in this video, is our personal take to this journey of transformation.”



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