CREST OF DARKNESS Post Lyric Video For New Single

At long last after many travails during this time of turmoil, Crest Of Darkness announce that the vinyl version of God Of Flesh will be set out on the 25th of February. At the same time, black metal trio presents a lyric video of “Euthanasia”, made by Marcelo Silva for Ms Motion Graphics.

The band’s mainman Ingar Amlien explains:

“I know that many of our fans have waited for a long time, but as you can imagine circumstances beyond our control made this a long journey, but now the vinyls are finally here and I hope you think it has been worth the long wait. I’m very proud of this album, and it really deserves a vinyl release. I’m happy to see that physical formats are still much loved by heavy, hard rock fans so we take the occasion to celebrate with a new Lyric video for the track “Euthanasia” by Marcelo Silva for Ms Motion Graphics”. We will of course have copies available to sell directly to you as soon as we receive them, but if you’d like to pre-order your copy, just drop us a message through the page”.



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