CARNAL SAVAGERY Sophomore Album Due Out This April

On April 9th, death metal squad from Sweden Carnal Savagery will put out their sophomore studio record Fiendish. The latter contains 10 new tracks (plus two bonus tracks) which will be set free through the American label Moribund Records.

Fiendish track listing:

01. Shredded Flesh
02. Reborn Dead
03. Embalmed Corpses
04. In Death I Thrive
05. Dead Rotten Meat
06. Maggot Infested Flesh
07. Exhumed
08. Veil Of Death
09. Gluttony
10. Grotesque Macabre
11. Vermin (CD bonus track)
12. Morgue Of The Mutilated (digital bonus track)



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