HILDR VALKYRIE Joins Moribund Records Roster

Hildr Valkyrie, the Greek folk metal mistress, proudly announces the signing of a new deal with Moribund Records. A multi-album pact includes also a world-wide re-issue of her second full length, Revealing The Heathen Sun. Hildr Valkyrie will be soon releasing details of the upcoming new long player. Stay tuned.

Hildr Valkyrie states:

“I’ve been more than proud and honored signing with the legendary Moribund Records! I am very excited and looking forward for this great and fruitful partnership between us! Personally I would like to thank Odin Thompson for his trust and excitement on Hildr Valkyrie! This will be a great start for a long term collaboration between us with the best Omens!…and the battle goes on…”

Label Manager, Odin Thompson, adds:

“We are very excited and proud to add the amazing Folk-Metal Melodies of Hildr Valkyrie to our ever diversifying roster of the worlds Best Artists from the underground Metal Scene. I have been a personal fan of Hildr Valkyrie since I first heard Shield Brothers Of Valhalla back in 2008, which blew me away! We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership and to help bring Hildr Valkyrie’s Nordic Hymns to the larger Metal community!”



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