CADAVER Put Out Lyric Video For ‘Deathmachine’

Cadaver‘s recent album release, Edder & Bile, is the band’s fifth ‘long player’ and the first in more than 16 years. The Norwegian duo now presents a new lyric video for one of the album’s tracks/singles, “Deathmachine”.

Cadaver comments on the song:

“Deathmachine” was one of those old songs Anders wanted to update and refresh with the new born version of Cadaver. The original was written for the CADAVER INC. (1999-2001) era when the apocalyptic feel of the millennium was very important. “Deathmachine” captures the rawness of death metal with a melodic sensibility that prove that Cadaver isn’t only a-tonal and super fast, but also has a more sinister and dwelling side to their music. Enjoy.”


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