DOEDSVANGR Ink Deal With Debemur Morti Productions

Doedsvangr, a band featuring well-known musicians from Norwegian/Finland black metal scene, have signed a deal with Debemur Morti Productions. At the same they announce the release of their second album, Serpents Ov Old, due in late 2021.

Frontman Doedsadmiral commented on the new deal:

“We have always had tremendous respect for Debemur Morti Productions. The bands on the label, the quality of its releases, and its commitment to the dark arts. So much so, that there was no doubt about where we all wanted Doedsvangr to be. So far we already feel that both the band and the label are equally committed to this co-operation. And I have no doubt this will be a dangerous collaboration with black magick!”

Doedsvangr recently also forged a collaboration with booking agency Flaming Arts and, despite being spread around the world, the Black Metal musicians aim to play live in the coming months and years. Doedsadmiral explains:

“We decided when we recorded this new album, that we need to play this live. We are all very experienced musicians, and we now need to prepare to make Doedsvangr a force to be reckoned with on stage. Yes, some smaller tours might be in the future, and maybe even some bigger ones. Doedsvangr is now a live band.”



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