MALFORMITY Premiere New Song ‘Monument to Decay’

Atlanta based death metal journeymen Malformity have partnered with Toilet ov Hell for the premiere of “Monument to Decay,” a track from forthcoming album Monumental Ruin.

“Monument to Decay” (Exclusive Premiere)

Malformity will release their long-awaited debut album, Monumental Ruin, April 19th via Unspeakable Axe Records.


Track Listing:

1. And I Beheld…
2. Perverse Apotheosis
3. Facemelt Bloodgrinder
4. Into Ruin
5. Monument to Decay
6. Degenerative Sequences
7. Immolated Archetype
8. False Dichotomy
9. Lost Necropolis
10, Lifeless Mindless
11. In Corrosion
12. Rapturous Damnation (bonus track)
13.Unraveling (bonus track)



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