THRONE – Pestilent Dawn

Formed in 2015 from Jackson, Michigan, Throne are a extreme metal band that incorporates blackened death and melodic death metal in the veins of Belphegor, Hate, Necrophobic and many more to come. Released on Redefining Darkness Records, Pestilent Dawn marks the first official release and debut by the band. With this album, the band reassembled black metal structures with a twist of blackened death metal passages which seems to stay its welcomed and behold that, this is a marvelous album start to finish.

Just hearing moments of killer tracks such as Amongst the Sinners, They Came Forth, Humanity’s Dusk, Beyond Malice and the astounding leads of Eternity in Mourning, which combined darker, ministering and atmospheric passages to utilize the band’s unrelenting tracks within the six years as a band showcases maturity and regenerated progressions finding it effective within the variations upon the album’s lyricism. Then when you dive deeper into the album’s context and secondary half on the record with tracks like All Creation Wept for example, these songs contain massive amounts of instrumentation provided here and what’s really unique about Pestilent Dawn is the guitar riffage ranges from mid-paced to slowed tempo rhythms while the bass and drums work uses a diabolical touch alongside the vocals performed by Nathan Barnes uses his melodic, beautiful sounding presentation touches and the bariatric segmentations are quite enjoyable for the most part.

But what makes Pestilent Dawn a nice debut full-length album is it feels and represents a death metal atmosphere while managing powerful messages to know Throne are back with the darkest, deepest, emotional and characterized albums in their catalog to date. It may be overly repetitive in specific degrees but this album takes a lot of patience getting into the musicality aspects. Fans of death metal, blackened death metal and melodic death metal will feel right at home and Pestilent Dawn will be discussed within the underground extreme metal scene for a long time.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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