ABYSMAL PISS – One With The Rotting

As a vocalist in a slamming brutal death metal band, it is pretty obvious that I love death metal but am very critical of it. One With The Rotting is the debut full length from California death metal trio Abysmal Piss and might I say this is some heavy goodness done right. Featuring eight tracks and released digitally March 17th through Pathologically Explicit Recordings, this is the perfect length to keep the listener wanting more. Abysmal Piss perfectly blend in goregrind passages that mix with slamming brutal death riffs and patterns while keeping a refreshing straight cut to the throat death metal vibe consistently through this debut.

Each track feels like a memorable stroll down the evolutionary history of death metal as one track can feel more like a cut from a Dying Fetus album while another track can be a modern Abominable Putridity single. This may make you think that each track would stand out if that is the case but they actually flow effortlessly even with these abstract transitions and tempo changes. The guitar riffs are unique and memorable as they are not just the same regurgitated bedroom slams and chugs. The drumming is cataclysmic and strong while the bass lines stand tall bringing that punch behind the riffs. The biggest highlight is the wide range of vocal styles that vocalist JT Letras can manifest into this album. Tracks like Manifesto Of Filth (which features Salvador Rodriguez of Stages of Decomposition), Family Splatters and Whore Hunter are all instant classics and showcase the trio’s talent and strong musicianship.

One With The Rotting is pure death metal gold that gives hope to the underground. If you like slam, there’s plenty of meaty slams here. You like goregrind? That’s here too and plenty of blood to go around. There is something here in this album for every type of death metal and grindcore fan. This is the perfect soundtrack to a bloody murdering spree movie and while you’re grabbing the popcorn and some beers, be sure to crank your speakers up and blast One With The Rotting to get your blood really pumping.



Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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