DOWNFALL OF MANKIND – The Path Of Human Existence

With having new material in production at the moment I really wanted to take a moment and review this 2020 EP “The Path Of Human Existence” beforehand and also give you guys some info on this fresh upcoming band out of Portugal. The EP was released November 14th, 2020 during the pandemic which shows you right off top these guys have the drive and work ethic to be a top tier band. The six song EP starts with a beautiful intro which features the bands symphonic style (which you will also hear through the EP) and then rolls into five tracks of straight brutality sure to hook you onto this band.

I took a moment to speak to Lucas Bishop the vocalist for Downfall Of Mankind and ask him about the upcoming album, he responded:

“This new album it’s something the the country itself has never released before.. oh It’s a whole new experience for the fans of slam and deathcore.Lots of new crushing bones riffs and Blast beats with our touch of symphony”, I also asked about challenges they faced with covid and the new album production in which he said “The band did have to pass thru an enormous amount of obstacles due to the pandemic situation, preventing us from being together during the whole pre production process, but as you can see did not keep us from driving this album to the fullest”.

So again the drive and work ethic of these guys is something to appreciate!

The new album will feature Luis Silva (Counteractt) and Caleb Branham (Lowlife) and also two additional guests still TBA, personally I have heard a taste of DOM’s new material and can honestly say the world is not expecting the amount of heat that’s about to slap you in the face.




Overall Score: 10/10
Review by Ryan Arcicovich



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