ACRANIA – Tyrannical Hierarchy: Vol. 1

Acrania is a death metal band formed in 2012 from London, England only released a split, EP and full-length album titled Totalitarian Dystopia. Now with the band officially announced to create new material, Tyrannical Hierarchy: Vol 1 combines elements of death metal and slam while using wide broad signature genres of metal that contains brutality, heaviness, inspired exceptions of technical skill and have thoughtful and incentive instrumentals sort of if Katalepsy and Rings Of Saturn combined mixed a majored, slowed and downright breakdowns this is what you’ll fully expect.

While the downtuned foundations uses a sense of reckoning forces, this latest EP from Acrania may not necessarily be everyone’s favorite album as the tracks are triggered, processed and slower passages may overly sound repetitive that can throw others to the perfect balance of bass-filled, mid range drum snares, forcefulness and spectacularly crafted tones are quite monotonous most part. Vocally, vocalist Luke Griffin has this John Davy Job For A Cowboy-esque range as his ranges switches between high, lows, pig squeals and have multiple essential skills bringing emotion and properly executed songwriting while Luke Griffin has messages across that the album portrays anti-governmental, cursed filled and stylistic tracks including Exterminate the Liberated and The Isolation Experiment will definitely treat listeners that want multiple changed genres to use prominent instrumentation. If you’re fans of Vulvodynia, Ingested, Rose Funeral, Within Destruction and I Declare War you may be heavily surprised to hear Acrania’s latest effort with Tyrannical Hierarchy: Vol 1.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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