LANTLOS Announce New Album & Release First Single

German collective Lantlôs with return this coming summer with a new full length record, their first in 7 years. Dubbed Wildhund, it will land in stores on July 30th (Prophecy Productions) and will feature 12 songs. One of them, “Lake Fantasy”, is available for listening below and serves as the first taste of what to expect.

“The album is named Wildhund, which is German for a dog born or living in the wilderness”, explains the band’s mainman Markus Siegenhort. “Its themes revolve around freedom, cherry blossoms, summer, having a sunny birthday as a kid, bubblegum, the smell of mint, sweetness, the colours of pink and baby blue, childhood memories, a lemon in a glass of water, glitter, nostalgia, kitsch, and many more up to the point when it becomes ‘too much’. It’s like that kind of ‘so utterly sweet’ that it tastes artificial, strange, and confusing. Aesthetics on overdrive, hypnotic but powerful. This is ‘hardcore’ softness, if that makes any sense.”



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