EDGE OF PARADISE Stream New Single Online

While Edge Of Paradise put the finishing touches on their forthcoming studio album, The Unknown, which is due out this fall, the band premiere the new single and music video “Digital Paradise”. The song and video serve as a prelude of what to expect from the band’s upcoming opus. More album details to be unveiled in coming weeks.

“Digital Paradise” is set in a world where the line between reality and digital space disappears, where time becomes meaningless and the human soul and machine become one. It explores whether merging with technology could be our road to forever, our digital paradise, or demise,” says vocalist Margarita Monet of the lyrical meaning behind the new single.

“The song originated from an instrumental idea I made on the keys, that inspired lyrics about what an afterlife could look like,” she continues. “When Dave put some driving guitars on the song, that led me to add industrial and cinematic elements, which inspired me to explore themes of technology and digital evolution. Once we had the demo, we went into the studio with Neil Sanderson and Mike Plotnikoff to record drums, guitars and solidify the vocal arrangement. After that, I recorded the final vocal track with Howard Benson, who elevated the song to a new level! Once ready, we sent it off to Denmark, for Jacob Hansen to mix and bring “Digital Paradise” to life!”



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