WAKING THE CADAVER Announce New Label Signing & Album Release

New Jersey based death metal unit Waking The Cadaver announce the signing with Unique Leader Records and at the same time confirm the release of their fourth studio record, titled Authority Through Intimidation. The latter will land in stores on 22nd October, 2021. The group also debut the first streaming single, “Threaten Physical Force”.

Guitarist Mike Mayo on the new album:

“I believe Authority Through Intimidation is the definitive Waking The Cadaver album. Our mission statement for writing it was SLAMMING GORE GROOVE. That’s been our slogan since the beginning and I think this collection of songs exemplifies it’s meaning more than any of our previous albums. We really wanted level up the technicality and song writing of Real-Life Death, while also having more nods to our first album Perverse Recollections Of A Necromangler. I think we succeeded in doing just that. Listeners will be able to hear our love for bands like Dying Fetus, Last Days Of Humanity, and Disgorge, as well as our love for early Hatebreed and All Out War.”

Vocalist Don Campan commented:

“I am extremely proud of Authority Through Intimidation for the intensely disgusting brutal vibe it has casted out into the Universe and beyond. Slamming Gore Groove has been summoned by its worldwide fans and they not be let down. This album has all of our infamous alien guttural overlord vocal styles and raw signature slam dunks with wicked fresh ferocious shredding attacks delivered from a musical-masterminded line up. The Kingpins of Death are stoked and proud to have the one and only next level blasting machine Lord Marco on drums giving this new material a new cutting edge injection.”

Track listing:

01. Civic Assault
02. Corpse Decomposition
03. Human Chop Shop
04. Frenzied Vehicular Rampage
05. Arbiter of Punishment
06. Threaten Physical Force
07. Asphyxiating Ligature
08. Authoritative Aggressor


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