GEROGOT – Heading To Eternal

What needs to be said if it hadn’t been said before, the Indonesian brutal death metal scene has the most passionate, dedicated and devoted fans in extreme metal today. Gerogot, a new band I’ve stumbled upon as of recently have been around for quite sometime and with this new album released on Brutal Mind, you’re gonna get some of the sickest, most gut-wrenching and disgusting pieces of brutal death metal in 2021. Heading To Eternal is a 9 track, 24 minute onslaught of pure carnage all around and to be said about other bands from Indonesia who are known to have music relying on technicality, speed and groove signatures, Gerogot’s style for brutal death metal is almost if you were to take the earliest stages of the mid to late 90’s and even early 2000’s of the genre as I get some heavy influences from Disavowed, Afterbirth, Decrepit Birth, early Suffocation and Defeated Sanity but taking it to such great heights.

What sets apart of hearing such monstrous, chaotic and down tune style of brutal death metal is the amount of detail, songwriting and craftsmanship these Indonesians are fully capable of to take their product and level to the max. From the opening moments of The Diabolical Savagery, Suffocating Wounds and Cry of Despair to the magnificence and the heaviest song being The Satanic Verses contain delivery, execution, progression and the overall structures, balance, groove arrangements and technical proficiencies being forefront, these musicians have impressed me by how artistic and talented they’ve taken the genre to become a force to reckon with. I can’t say anything bad about this album but if you’re fans of brutal death metal and anything extreme with the sickest and furious slam releases of 2021’s Heading To Eternal is a album that is venomous, brutal and punishing all around.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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