MORTUARY DRAPE Sign With Peaceville Records

Peaceville Records are extremely pleased to announce that one of the longest-running bands in the Italian scene, cult black metal legends Mortuary Drape, have signed to the label. Details of their first release for the label, a mini-album entitled Wisdom – Vibration – Repent will be released very shortly. Stay tuned.

Mortuary Drape frontman and founder Wildness Perversion comments on the signing:

“We are really excited about this new deal with Peaceville Records. Immediately there was the right harmony, their staff listened to our needs and were quick in making the important decisions. It will be a great return for Mortuary Drape, the songwriting is going well and the line-up is as close as ever. All this energy is overwhelming and I think the fans will realize it by hearing the notes of the new work.”



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