I love when a band not only state themselves as a cinematic artist, but to dive deeper into making music that almost makes me feel I’m strapped into a world full of musical wonders. Meet Summoner’s Circle, a six piece outfit residing from Knoxville, Tennessee who’s been around since 2015 and what I really admire about this band is not only they’re afraid to express their affection and appreciation to incorporate different hybrids of extreme music, but the lyrical content is what intrigued me the most. Chaos Vector is the third full-length album by the band and is released through Blood Blast Distribution.

Now, to describe their sound is a very interesting mix because they have elements of doom metal, black, progressive, death and symphonic in which this case it almost reminded me of listening to Carach Angren, Epica, Dimmu Borgir, Candlemass, or anyone under that spectrum. Lyrically, this is where the album truly shines as most of the contexts is all about HP Lovecraft, cthulhu mythos and other references to cosmic horror in which I’m not only a fan of that lyricism but it truly makes the listener dive into a dark portal where your mind starts to create tensions and losing your inner soul to be obsolete. Now, the music may not entirely be for anyone because of the style and arrangements these musicians are fully capable of doing, but if you’re open minded to expand your musical horizons and stating opinions then I think this band would be suitable to your interest.

From the moments you hear tracks such as The Heirophants, The Beyond and Apostasy to the magnificently crafted and infectious song of Of Black Horizons, you get a variety of various genres from the black metal esque soundscapes, doom metal styled guitar tones, death metal inspired vocal deliveries, progressive undertones and a heavily driven dosage of symphonic black metal passages, this record is a very diverse, intelligently written and a experience so unforgettable that you might have to dive more into the album’s presentation because as this record is demonstrating Summoner’s Circles identification, the band are talented in wanting to submerged themselves in creating multi-genres that tells the tale on how their imagery and music speaks for itself. Chaos Vector delivered the most enjoyable, engaging and atmospheric records Summoner’s Circle has done to date.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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