RAVENOUS DEATH – Visions From The Netherworld

There goes a time in a ordinary metalhead’s life when all the essential artists they’ve grew up with starts to decline and they want to expand their horizons into a much more heavier, more extreme linings of heavier music. Therefore, Mexico’s Ravenous Death is a upcoming old school death metal band that continues to make waves into the underground and with Visions From The Netherworld scheduled to be released through Memento Mori, the band’s embryo in wanting to create music that is heavily inspired by Vomitory, Torture Division, Immolation, Vader and Demigod so to speak are taking things with extra caution and ultimately made this blasphemous, almost blackened and cavernous signatures of death metal is not only extremely accessible and intelligently written, but the old school movement for underground death metal bands have yet to impress me once again.

Stylistically, Ravenous Death’s signature style of death metal may seem to be a standard meat and potatoes formula with some professional, skillfully and conveying a moodiness to set the atmosphere into a slime-crawling and punishment production is absolutely flawless and surrealistic. Now, many bands within the spectrum of death metal usually go for that molten, faithful and crushing heaviness sort of sound as hundreds of artists done before aeons ago, Ravenous Death’s ability to incorporate and illustrate their compassion and talent in creating such a rotting maliciousness and musical brilliance well as amazing craftsmanship as you can easily tell the members have studied and crafted a full-length album that’s extremely heavy, aggressive and overall the compositions alongside the instrumentals have set themselves sky high to be a potential band years from now to inspire and motivate the scene.

Even tracks such as Gore Vault Dismemberment, Portals To Non-Existentence, Hydra Dungeon and Serpents Of Wretchedness all have these death doom arrangements be something Autopsy used in the early 90’s while the secondary half of the record displayed trace elements of earlier death metal bands such as Grave, Sadistic Intent and others as they’re on their way providing a complimentary act beneath the metallic surfaces of the stronger and well deserved offerings possible. Visions From The Netherworld commands the very respectable audiences together to form a album unfairly maligned in musical form done perfectly well and surely one of the most tormented albums of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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