VULNIFICUS – Innomination

I love hearing new bands that arise in the metal underground and today, I bring a new one to many readers. Vulnificus is a two man band that is no strangers to heavy music. The duo is comprised of Eston Browne on vocals and Wilson Sherels on guitars, bass and drums and both are highly active in the brutal scene with various other projects. Their debut “demo” EP titled Innomination was released late November via New Standard Elite and I put demo in quotations because this is not a demo in my eyes but three tracks of pure audial assault. The quality is pretty damn good, the musicianship is top notch and the heavy factor is turned all the way till the nobs broke off.

As stated above, this is three tracks and clocks in around twelve minutes but those minutes are just enough to break your neck and make you beg for more. The riffs are fast and chaotic, the drums are thunderous and the vocals are straight out of the bowels of hell. Everything about this release show signs of the duo being able to put out a killer full legnth album that would stand toe to toe to many of the great brutal death metal bands out there. My personal favorite track of the three is Scraped and Scattered as it instantly is like a punch to the face and ends like a relentless beatdown in a dark alleyway.

To summarize this for those who are new to Vulnificus, THIS DEMO IS HOW BRUTAL DEATH METAL SHOULD BE DONE! Sorry for the caps but I definitely enjoyed this three track release a lot and it definitely will make anyone that is a fan of old Cannibal Corpse, Prostitute Disfigurement, Mortician and just death metal in general happy. I highly recommend this demo and this is a perfect example to how to make an impact with your first release. I look forward to hearing what Vulnificus does next and I’m sure anyone else who listens will be too.



Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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