NECROPHAGOUS – In Chaos Ascend

Do you like Cannibal Corpse? Dying Fetus? Morbid Angel? Suffocation?

Do you want a album that sounds like those bands? Well, if its right up your alley then Necrophagous In Chaos Ascend is definitely worth the investment and checking out. Members of Entrails and Visceral Bleeding have suddenly submerged themselves to forge together in creating a old school, contemporary style of death metal that may seem suitable for anyone’s peak of interest but if you like chaotic, wild, and slamming dosages of extreme metal then this album fits right in the feels. Stylistically, Necrophagous’ music is filled of infectious grooves, catchy guitar riffs, distinctive and primitive amalgamations of unadulterated traces of memorable hooks and leads would made it seem clear that a band that has such a wonderful catalog of music have never really felt so appreciative to my standards and therefore I’m eternally grateful to be able witnessing this journey of In Chaos Ascend front to back.

From the powerful and commendable leads of Wolf Mother, Horns Of Seven, Blood On The Stone Of Thee Monuments and Order Of The Lion to the heart-stopping and nerve-racking all killer no filler of Traitors And The Pendulum is the best sounding record the band has done due to the magnificent abilities for their hard-working contributions, evolution and growth they’ve managed to stay humble and true to their roots and created such a marvelous album. This is the best, most produced, raw and emotional albums the band has ever done both musically, lyrically, sonically and mentally.

Their compositions, songwriting and maturity have prolific acts of imaginative death metal instrumentals really showcases both highly visionary and very fluent onslaughts promisingly brings outstanding energetic inclusions and musical progressions is tighter, stronger and extremely comprehensive where each instrumentals are clean, sharp and organic. This album also introduced and borrowed the same rhythmical leads but maintaining such maturity within the musicianship, production and instrumentation wise this is a very well productive, respective and prevalent structures of extreme musicality is far incredibly enjoyable start to finish. In Chaos Ascend is a complex and disgustingly driven record with high amounts of visceral musical stylistics are surely worth the listening.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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