Want a death metal band that has sounds from hell and have disgusting sewage passages to past the time? Insineratehymn are a extreme metal band residing from Los Angeles, California that’s been getting some attention as of lately and this time around, they’ve came back to deliver the grossest, most diabolical and eviscerating style of death metal the band has done to date. Released through Blood Harvest Records and Rotted Life, this album borrows influences from the 90’s New York styled bands and incorporating some Floridan and European in the mix making this album give it a nice sense of delivery and reckoning in which this case, the band’s vision to replicate the genre aeons ago is impressive so to speak.

Every track not only sounds fiercer, aggressive and melting your face off, but the talent behind these musicians is extremely enjoyable and appreciative to know what type of approach they’ve wanted to create both musically and lyrically. Stylistically speaking, this album has a mixed bag of all sorts of musical elements and varieties as some tracks contain some blackened traces, progressive undertones and a old school death metal sound to make the listener strapped into a catastrophic and threatening atmosphere of what death metal music was all about during its time. But for Insineratehymn’s philosophy and understanding is concerned, everything they’ve provided from the chilling vocals, punishing drums, audible guitar tones, great bass tonality and the soundscapes giving it a horrific and dreadful vortex, this album has got brutality written all over it.

Songs like Immolated Ascension, Bitter Loss and Proliferation Of The Deceased almost have these dissonance arrangements which is quite unusual for a band in the old school movement in today’s underground scene but they’ve magically pulled it off miraculously well and I think they’ve done a decent job giving every instrument a chance to ebb and flow on how powerful and commendable these signatures really all came about. Disembodied is a understandable, fearsome, ghastly and abhorrent album that is meant to please death metal fans.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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