THE STYGIAN COMPLEX – The Stygian Complex

I personally am a huge deathcore fan as nothing is better than when that breakdown hits but I’ve often wondered if I have seen and heard it all out there. I thought I had until I heard North Carolina’s The Stygian Complex. A perfect mix of balls to the wall heaviness and unique riffs that are not found in the usual deathcore and metal world. This band can make a track go from straight grimy beatdown to tech as fuck in just a matter of seconds.

With this being their debut full length, this showcases how versatile, beastly and just straight up heavy they can be. Each track spotlights each member’s skills. The drum work is technical and could cut a strand of hair in two with how crisp and precise his timing is. The guitars are equally perfected and can transition from being chaotic to just straight chuggy and sludgy. Probably the main highlight is how versatile the vocalist Kyler Cheek is. His highs are out of this world, very reminiscent of a young Mitch Lucker mixed with some Alex Kohler as well and his lows are a whole other demon. Everything comes together beautifully as seen in tracks like Hellworld, Gutfuck and TSC.

Did I mention this album has some of the most heaviest, dirtiest, grimiest breakdowns that I have heard in a while? These breakdowns would make any deathcore fan want to go out and punch the nearest old lady and start a pit in the streets. These are not cookie cutter riffs and breakdowns. This is probably the most refreshingly unique deathcore release I have heard in a long while. I think The Stygian Complex are onto something here and this album is proof that they could definitely be the next big thing. If you are a fan of beatdown, deathcore, slam or just pure fucking chaotic heaviness, then go grab this album.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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