NYLIST – Apart

One person projects are always the best and I think many people out there would agree that there’s so much diversity involved into the music. Meet Fred Nylist, a Canadian extreme metal musician who also does vocals, production, songwriting and everything else he has done to create the most vile, darkened and imaginative EPs of 2022. Apart is only a four track EP showcasing his most finest, experimental, diverse and progressive signature styled arrangements of music he’s done to date.

His artistic nature and talent really showcases the listener to dive deeper into the most emotional and immersing universes known to mankind. From the opener track of No Soul to the title track Apart, you get experimental styled vocals, heavy and distorted bass, chaotic drums, intricated and eviscerating production sounding dense, doomy and atmospheric at times this record not only promises to deliver and execute as it should but the tracks feel naturally appropriate and flavored as it rightfully should.

What also really captures the essence of this album is not only the songwriting and progression of Nylist is astonishing, but he wanted to make a painting that can resemble the listener to a world full of imagination and wonders. Not only this is just a demonstration of Nylist’s musical brilliance well as testing out many hybrids of genres, but Apart really sets the bar sky high to make it the most claustrophobic and detailed EPs of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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