HATH – All That Was Promised

In 2019, New Jersey’s extreme metal band Hath released their debut full-length Of Rot And Ruin which not only became one of the absolute best releases of the year, but its gotten massive critical acclaim across the music community. Now fast forward couple years prior, All That Was Promised is the bands sophomore full-length recording and is released through Willowtip Records. Now, if Of Rot And Ruin was amazing, wait until you get the opportunity to listen to this majestic, blackened, unconscious and old school slabs of death metal with blackened death monolithic pieces of music is truly a work of art. For the first time in the bands forefront, this four piece band demonstrated listeners that if you were to listen to early Emperor, At The Gates, and Bloodbath but more of a contemporary and modern day style of extreme music, this is a record that promises to execute, deliver and crafted the most visioned and artistic records Hath has done to date.

This record demonstrates knowledge, craftsmanship, progression and deliberating decisions to showcase the band’s very best abilities to find their sound upon hearing this album. From the intensity of drum work, meaty guitar hooks, thundering bass tones and moodily melodic lines within the production, this album does a great job keeping the instrumentals on par without any sort of fading away. Even with tracks like Death Complex, Name Them Yet Build No Monument and Casting Of The Self I sense bit of Cattle Decapitation meets Nevermore with hints of old Opeth as their own signatures bring out a stamp easily manages to paint themselves into a creative, and artistic album for many generations to come. Hath do a fine damn job putting out some impressive intensity, distinctive deliveries, and have successfully completed to recapture the electrifying energy and songwriting is just out of this world. All That Was Promised should be an eye out for listeners as these musicians making a genre drenched with originality and creativity and most definitely going to be added in the best records of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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