SYMPHONY X Working On First Album In Seven Years

About seven years has passed since progressive/symphonic power metal legends Symphony X released their last album Underworld. But the wait is almost over, as guitarist Michael Romeo recently confirmed that the band has been in the process of working on new material for their upcoming tenth studio album.

In a recent interview with the ‘Breaking Absolutes With Peter Orullian’ podcast, Romeo said:

“It just feels slower than normal. It feels a little weird because we haven’t played [together in so long]. The last time we were on tour was the end of 2019. So it’s like you’re trying to think about that stuff, and just doing band stuff, and we haven’t for so long. So that whole process is going slow. I mean, it’s going. But I think as more normal things start happening, things will feel more normal. It will be easier for me. I come down here [to my home studio] every day. I’m trying to write something. I was talking to Russ [vocalist Russell Allen] and [bassist Michael] LePond the other day. I’m, like, ‘I’ve got a couple of things. I haven’t found that thing yet that’s totally inspiring.’ And then God forbid I put the freakin’ TV on for a minute with the news or something, I’m, like, ‘Oh my God. What the hell is going on?’ And talking to guys in Europe and friends over there, it’s, like, they’re not sure; maybe some places are opening up and some aren’t. So there’s this uncertainty. And you just wanna come down here and do band stuff and be a band and write songs. But then, in the back of your mind, it’s fucking with you. It’s, like, well, yeah, but you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Who knows? So there’s that thing. And it really sucks.”

He added:

“I know a lot of musician friends of mine [say] the same thing. They’re, like, ”Yeah, man, it’s hard to get inspired. I’m not feeling motivated. And I’m not sure this tour’s gonna happen or this festival [and] these festivals.’ So, yeah, there’s some of that shit going on. But I think for us, once we start touring again, I think everything will start to… You’ll have that fire again. Right now, it’s just, like, ‘Oh, man. What the hell are we doing?’ There’s been times that we’re working on a song and it’s, like, ‘Oh, when we do that one live, this thing happens, and it’s such a great crowd moment.’ And working on new stuff, maybe some of that comes into your mind. It’s, like, ‘Oh, yeah, this would be cool,’ and, ‘I could see this happening.’ But since it’s been so long [since we played live], the fucking time warp thing, it’s, like, ‘What are you talking about? Oh, yeah. I kind of remember.’ It feels so distant. And just us not being around each other. It’s a slow process. I mean, it’s always a slow process ’cause I think we all care about what we do – we always try to make it really good – but now you throw this on top of it, and it’s, like, I’m digging deep, man, to try to get some fire.”



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