CATAMENIA Give Update On The Band

Catamenia‘s latest album Cavalcade, was released back in 2010. Now, the Finland-based metallers revealed that they are working on new material. However, the whole process has been slowed down in recent years, because of the drummer Toni Qvick’s health problems (explained below).

Comments the band:

”As many of you might have been wondering and asking what’s going on in Cata-camp, we considered we owe you people an explanation and little bit of info in general.

“You know we’ve been working on our songs and our new album slowly, but steady – and do not worry, we still are. There have been really bad luck, accidents, serious illnesses and injuries along the way. Again now there’s been lot of discussions and rumours about the state of the band, what’s going on, etc. Well, let’s say this once, loud and clear: do not worry! We are active and as said, we’re going to release the new album eventually. We know many of you have been waiting it for a long time, but we ask for your patience.

“One of the real issues behind this all has been Toni’s physical problems – do not worry, there’s no cancer, terminal diseases or anything bad in that way. He’s been struggling YEARS of continuous pain on his shoulders, wrists and knees, but still throughout these years he has been biting the lip during rehearsals, gigs and tours. Especially the last five years, they have been the worst. Just few days ago, his shoulder was surgically operated, again. This time the operation went really well and it seems he’s fully recovering from that. But yet again, Cata-karma strikes again: anew operation lies ahead – his once operated wrist will be surgically operated again in few months. Everyone here knows that healing from the operations like that takes a long time. Also it’s pretty obvious Toni needs full-functioning hands and legs to play his drums, so therefore we’re now focusing only on getting him in 100% Tip-Top-shape! How long does it take – we don’t know, we don’t care! Thank you for your understanding!”



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